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National Geographic: Test Your Brain (Full Series)

Human Brain is the most complex structure in the Known Universe. And it weighs just 3 pounds. Human Brain has more number of cells than the number of stars in a galaxy,about 10 trillion cells. 

National Geographic: Test  Your Brain Episode 1 - Pay Attention

Episode 1: Pay Attention.Designed to test your memory, the first episode presents viewers with a mock-up crime scene. In a New York park, a man is mugged in broad daylight. Test your Brain: You Won't Believe Your Eyes But can you describe the robbery seconds later? And will your description be the same as that of the person next to you? Discover how details often go missing, forcing the brain to 'make up' memories. So what you believe to be true could actually be alarmingly false.

National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 2 - Perception
Episode 2: Perception..You may not realise it, but our brains are being fooled all of the time - especially by Hollywood filmmakers. Experimental neuroscientist Beau Lotto guides you through the mind-bending world of optical illusions, showing you how our brains 'fill in' crucial information, enabling people to 'feel' with their eyes and 'see' with their ears.

National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 3 - Memory
Episode 3: Memory. If you witnessed a crime, could you be sure you recognised the perpetrator? Our memories are surprisingly vulnerable, and our recollection of names, numbers and details can often be incorrect at the most crucial of moments. Former detective Greg Walsh reveals how what you believe to be true can often be alarmingly false

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